Tote Super7 Bet

Super7 bets operate on seven nominated races each day (except Saturday). Find all seven winners to win a potentially life changing amount. There is also consolation prizes for any six or any five winners. Minimum spend is £2 per line.

Super7 Bet Details

The Super7 is a daily, multi-leg cross-card jackpot style bet where punters have to pick the winner of all seven nominated races. There are also consolation prizes for finding any six or any five winners from the selected races.

Each totesuper7 bet costs £2, with permutations accepted in multiples of the £2 unit stake. The pool deduction rate is 30%, in line with the totescoop6. The net pool is allocated as follows.

  • 38% for all seven winners
  • 28.5% for any six winners
  • 28.5% for any five winners
  • 5% for the starting fund

Three separate dividends are declared for each outcome, with only one dividend payable per winning line. A starting fund will build in the background during each rollover sequence. Each time the all seven winners pool is won, this will then be allocated in full to the main prize fund to start the next run.

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